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Our new system for of ATM Machines

Our security system for protection of ATM Machines, is developed like a mobile unity, where the customer’s got the opportunity to move the safety to the exact ATM and position, he/she wishes to secure.

This provides a great flexibility in combination and reduction of expenses. . Dette giver en stor fleksibilitet i kombination samt en reduktion i omkostninger.

The ATM System is developed to adapt to different sizes of cash machines, which gives a great flexibility.
The entire security system is build in a special Flight Case.
This unit is placed under the machine, or another place if required, and get’s linked to 230 V or 12 V.
One or more sensors are linked to the system, for detection of gas and the unit is operational.

When the Flight Case is placed in the ATM Machine, a activatioal code is typed amd the system is ready for use.

A detection of gas and therefor protection of the ATM Machine, will happen under more than 2 mins.

The system can be delivered as a transportable unit or as a pernamently installed unit.

The system is set off by:

– Detecting of gas
– Attempt to open the ATM
– Attempt to break in or drill on the ATM
-Attempt of moving the ATM or the Unit

-When the system is triggered, all of the ATM will be filled with foam.
This will prevent the gas from exploding, bulidings will not be destroyed and the valuables will be safely stored within.
An attempt to reach the valuables will take more than 1 hour.

-When the system is set off, an immediate message will be send to the police and coordinates on where, so they can get there fast and in time.

– The system is constructed for safety and protection of ATM’s, buldings and valuables.