Our security system for protection of ATM Machines, is developed like a mobile unity, where the customer’s got the opportunity to move the safety to the exact ATM and position, he/she wishes to secure.

The system can be delivered as a transportable unit or as a pernamently installed unit.

The system is set off by:

– Detecting of gas
– Attempt to open the ATM
– Attempt to break in or drill on the ATM
– Attempt of moving the ATM or the Unit

-When the system is triggered, part or the hole ATM machine will be filled with our special foam.Our system will detect a gas attack within a maximum of 5 seconds and the system will fill an entire ATM machine in less than 2 minutes. The system will remove all the oxygen in the combination with our foam system triggered, thus making it impossible for a blast and any fire in the machine / building.

– When the system is set “off”, an immediate message will be send to the police and coordinates on where, so they can get there fast and in time.

– The system can be adapted to various alarm arrangements.
– Our security system will prevent the gas from exploding, bulidings will not be destroyed and the valuables will be safely stored. The values ​​in the machine will be maximally protected  without the possibility of removing them for a long time. An attempt to reach the valuables will take more than 1 hour.



Scutum series

MI7 Security has together with our English partner 007 Secure Ltd.  specially designed the new trolley series.The series, which is our own brand, is made of aluminum and of a very high quality. Design and functions both outside and inside are carefully tuned in terms of both safety and function.

We can offer this series in 4 different colours, and each of them carries it’s own touch.

From April 2018, we lauch a smaller and bigger model in this serie. More details will come.

The trolleys has an intergrated safetybox, which will protect your valuebles while your traveling.

When the system is triggered by attemt to breaking in, the safetybox will be filled with foam to protect your valuebles in a few seconds. 
The system is secured with your own pincode, has GPS system, and will set off an alarm if there should be any attempt to open the box. 

We incorporate several types of security measures including the siren, blue police blink and more. More information can not be provided on this website.

We can customize this model with additional safety precautions. Therefore, a thief never has any idea of, ​​what is installed of security components.

To ensure the correct size of our security box, please provide the size of the item to be secured in relation to our safety equipment.

Certain models can be rented, contact us for further information


Spica-Capella-Aquila- Lacerta-Alcor-Castor series

MI7 Security is in the 1. quarter 2018  launching a new series of special breifcases i aluminium and leather /nappa material.

These new models are offered in several sizes and all with our security box built-in. These are picked out in sizes and quality, and afterwards installed with our Security System.The level of security that can be built in, can vary from model to model, depending on the size and needs.

The series can also be available as a customized model.
The combination of this makes the products unique on the market and designed for the person who wish to be anonymous but need maximum security on the way. 

To ensure the correct size of our security box, please provide the size of the item to be secured in relation to our safety equipment.

Flight Cases

Draco Series

For our new model series in the Flight Cases serie, we have chosen to use the new models from American Peli cases. These models are up to 40% lighter than tradiotional models on the market, and fulfill the high standards we provide for quality and functionality. 

The Draco serie are waterproof and extremely robust.

Made for those customers who have values ​​that require the best one can get on the market for all conditions. In addition we offering these models with the option of charging with both 12V and 230V. The models can also be supplied with extra battery capacity. The security system are designed for working in temperatures between 0 – 40 C, but can be made in versions that can work in temperature ranges between -20 to + 40 C.

We can offer this range in many different combinations, as well as options for special frames – lock modules, if these are to be transported by car, boat or by air.

To ensure the correct size of our security box, please provide the size of the item to be secured in relation to our safety equipment.

Certain models can be rented, contact us for further information.


Special vehicles


Over the years, we have been working closely with our partners around Scandinavia and Europe, where we assisted as consultants and project managers on tasks from secured passenger cars to ensure high-quality trucks. We have delivered complete projects in close cooperation with major well-known car manufacturers ranging from smaller customers to central bank level.

In our work with the customer, we review the customer’s needs, come up with solutions and make all contact with suppliers and manufacturers. We can therefore offer assistance with sub-solutions or as a project manager – supplier of a complete assignment.

Our competencies and workspace covers car, boat, aircraft including personal protection and communication equipmen

We can make the best solution for securing your valuables in a smart and effective way.,

If you have a special order, do not hesitate to contact us for futher information.

Transport of any kind of valuables

With our self delevoped security systems, we aim to change the market, with less risks, less loss and more safety of your valuables.

Our system is designed to protect all types of values, including especially Diamonds, Clocks with more that usually can not be protected by color systems. For safety reasons, we can not describe this further on this website.We can help insure the safety of any of your valuables during any transport.

To ensure the correct size of our security box, please provide the size of the item to be secured in relation to our safety equipment.

Contact us for further assistance, by using the contact manual in the bottom of the page.

Personal security and safety

We can support you with private tech consulting, regarding your own security and safety.

We are deliverable in many types of security equipment and, in cooperation with our partners, can offer multiple types of solutions including physical protection, monitoring and more in most areas of the world

Contact us for more details and futher information


When we started the development of our unique safety system based on foam systems in a secret formula, compiled with our own development of related safety components, it was a requirement that everything should be approved by IATA and thus approved by airplane. This development work was done in cooperation with a known airline company. We can therefore guarantee that all parts and components included in MI7 Securty’s security systems comply with all applicable regulations in accordance with IATA regulations.

We’ve used our expertise to design and construct some of the highest pieces of security products on the market, and in combination with our GPS system, we can ensure secure monitoring of the shipment worldwide. For further information, see our GPS system in the folder.

Our system is the only one on the markedet, that has been approved for flights. 


We have adapted our security foam system to a range of different showcases. The system will be triggered if anyone attemps to break into the showase.

For security reasons, we can not describe our system and features more closely on this website. Through our UK company in London, we can also offer everything from building complete shops, business concepts for sale and rental of several types of Show Case models. We have today worked for some of the most exclusive customers and businesses in London. It is therefore with great pleasure that we can offer these complete solutions.

For further information and details, please contact us.



MI7 SECURITY has been testing and using the Sentry 500 model in our security systems for many years.

Through these tests, which has been performed from the most difficult areas on Greenland, to the busy streets of London, this model has never failed in receiving the most precise signal and perform the highest stability and level of security true the platform. 

The Sentry 500 model is therefore a part of all our security solutions or as a stand alone unit. We therefore offer solutions where you can buy devices with various additional equipment or hire for special tasks.

Every products has got it’s own unique code, which makes it possible to be “active” on more than one unit at the same time, and get a complete overview of your platform, regardless where in the world you are.is placed under very high security at OnAsset in the United States. Access to this platform takes place on the client’s computer, iPad or mobile phone and with password.

The platform for using the system

Special Cases

Costum Fit

We offer you the opportunity to get any of our selected cases with a special sized safetybox inside. 

With special requests for sizes of safety boxes, as well as what the safety box shall protect of values, including special transport challenges, we will make proposals for various solutions. Sizes and features are therefore not limited to what can be seen on this website.

In this way, you will be able to have a perfecr case for securing your valuables.

To ensure the correct size of our security box, please provide the size of the item to be secured in relation to our safety equipment.

Contact us using the contact form below for more information.

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