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GPS Systems

MI7 SECURITY has been testing and using the Sentry 500 model in our security systems.

Through these tests, which are performed from the most difficult areas on Greenland and to the busy streets of London, this model has never failed in receiving the most precise signal and perform the highest stability. This is  also combined with a very high level of security.

The Sentry 500 model is therefore a part of all our security solutions or as a stand alone unit.

Every products has got it’s own unique code, which makes it possible to be active on more than one unit at the same time, and get a complete overview of your platform, regardless where in the world it is.

We ensure our clients a thorough training in the security system, and can offer monitoring of shipments, if you’re not capable of it yourself.

As a supplement and only added to an already existing service contract, we offer a directly support line to reach us on, combined with monitoring from our collaborators security-department, placed in the USA.

Our Sentry 500 is the only existing product on the market, who’s got IATA’s approval to be used on airplanes.
The technical solutions in the unit requires no physical action, because the unit automatically enters “sleep mode”, when the plane takes off, and turns itself on when landing again.

Further technical descriptions and a brief summon on functions and possibilities can be found in the boxes under here.