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The Rosegold Trolley with a special designed, build in safetybox. Everything you need, for a safe travel.
The safetybox comes in different sizes, contact us for a customized solution.


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MI7 Security has developed and specially designed the new trolley series, which is carefully composed in colours, design and quality.
They come in 4 different colours, and each of them carries it’s own touch.
Our trolleys are made by 1st class materials and the flexibility of the interior will satisfy those, who wish for a classy but highly secured luggage. Nothing is left to chances here.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Color of Trolley

Silver, Rosegold, Alu, Black

Colour of Safetybox

B2 – Bronze Metallic

Size of Trolley

630 x 410 x 250 mm.

Weight for empty Trolley

5.7 kg.

Volume of empty Trolley

63 Liters

Weight with build in Safetybox 95

12.7 kg.

Size of build in 95 Safetybox

95 x 370 x 340 mm.

Protection size and volume 95 IN

33/75 x 334 x 304 mm., Volume 5 – 7 liters

Weight with build in Safetybox 168

15.0 Kg

Size of build in 168 Safetybox

168 x 370 x 340 mm

Protection size and volume 168 IN

75 / 103 x 334 x 304 mm., Volume 12 – 20 liters


Foam, No Foam

Type of Safetybox

95 model, 168 model